Help save Garret Mountain and Clifton from Overdevelopment:
•   Attend the meeting the Zoning Board meeting on Wednesday, December 7th at 7 PM. 


Under the proposed plans, they will cut down many trees, and take away what little we have left of Garret Mountain’s beautiful views.  The project will deface the mountain.  Also impacted will be more traffic, cars, noise, pollution, etc.  This is a quality-of-life issue for the residents of Clifton.


Demolition of the 1 family existing home in order to make a complex consisting of 21 townhouse units within 3 separate buildings. The applicants seek bulk variances, including building 4 story units. They seek approval to demolish existing building and raze the property.


“Trees Help Reduce Runoff: Trees are valued for the beauty and many other benefits they bring to our landscapes and neighborhoods. Trees are increasingly recognized for their importance in managing runoff. Their leaf canopies help reduce erosion caused by falling rain. They also provide surface area where rainwater lands and evaporates. Roots take up water and help create conditions in the soil that promote infiltration.” (“Soak Up the Rain: Trees Help Reduce Runoff | US EPA”)

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Sign and share the petition opposing this development:

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